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Water Softeners

Nampa Water Softener Services

Making Your Water Better in Caldwell & Beyond

Have you ever noticed that after taking a shower, your hair is rougher and more tangled than before, no matter how much conditioner you use? Or perhaps your skin is constantly dry, peeling, and irritated, despite your continual use of moisturizer? If your regular showers have just not seemed to cut it recently, you may be suffering from the effects of hard water.

Hard water results from having excessive amounts of minerals seeping into your water system, and even though the particles are small, this surplus of mineral deposits can greatly affect the pH balance. In this case, you will need to receive a water softener treatment to dilute the minerals. For water softener services in Nampa, look no further than Prime Plumbing LLC. Our plumbers can treat your water so it’s actually enjoyable to take a long hot shower again.

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How a Water Softener Works

Hard water is one of the most common and most destructive issues that a homeowner will encounter. Hard water is not only ineffective at cleaning, leaving soapy residue everywhere, but directly corrodes surfaces in your house and destroys the pH balance of your skin and hair.

A water softener is a special filtration system that actually uses a safe, natural chemical reaction to remove magnesium and calcium deposits from your water that are causing it to become hard. The negatively charged sodium charges in a water softener tank act like tiny magnets to attract positively charged calcium and magnesium minerals. These mini magnets then lift the hard deposits out of the system, leaving you with pure, clean, soft water.

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Benefits of Getting a Soft Water Treatment

Hard water causes so many different problems in our daily lives, not only affecting our hair and skin, but also our ability to clean any surfaces or fixtures in or outside of our home. If you are encountering difficulty washing anything, hard water can almost always be accounted for as one of the primary culprits.

Just a few of the many advantages of getting a soft water treatment include:
  • Cleaner hair that is less likely to tangle

  • Smoother, softer skin

  • Decreased hair and skin allergies or exacerbation of acne

  • Shinier silverware, sinks, or any metallic fixtures

  • Cleaner mirrors, windows, glassware

  • Reduction of housework time and frequency due to lack of left residue

  • Decreased usage of shampoo, soap, and cleaning products

  • Longer-lasting appliances, from dishwashers to ice machines, no longer destroyed by hard water scale and calcium deposits

  • Reduced living expenses due to decreased use of water as well as cleaning products

Soft Solutions for Everyone

Hard water is not only a widespread nuisance when it comes to cleaning your home and fixtures, but over time the surplus calcium and magnesium mineral deposits can become hazardous to your health. After all, we bathe in water, wash with water, and drink water multiple times a day. It is essential to acquire water softener services in Nampa for your long-term well-being, and our skilled plumbers at Prime Plumbing LLC can make it happen.

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