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BioMicrobics Treatment

BioMicrobics in Nampa

An Alternative to Conventional Septic Systems

Idaho provides a beautiful and diverse landscape. That’s especially true in the Boise-Nampa area. Our scenic surroundings can make it challenging to install a conventional septic system. In these cases, BioMicrobics is an approved alternative.

How Do Septic Systems Work?

Many homes in the area are in neighborhoods served by public sewer systems but those homes that aren’t must rely on an on-site septic system to treat and dispose of wastewater. Septic systems usually consist of a 1,000-gallon concrete holding tank and a drain field or leach field. Wastewater (toilet flushing, bathing, laundry, etc.) is released into the underground tank located on the property.

 The solids and lighter wastes are separated, with the solids sinking to the bottom of the tank. There, bacteria help to break them down, creating sludge. The lighter waste like grease and oils floats to the top, creating scum. The water between those two layers (referred to as effluent) then flows from the tank into a drain field of underground pipes surrounded by gravel and soil. The effluent is slowly released and filtered through the gravel and soil before it reaches the groundwater.

The sludge and scum left behind in the septic tank must be pumped out on occasion. If not, the congealed sludges can flow back up in your pipes or overflow onto your lawn. Tanks should be evaluated every three years.

Prime Plumbing LLC is available for septic pumping services throughout the Nampa area. We are also proud to be certified and licensed to conduct septic inspections.

Plumber at Work

What Is BioMicrobics?

BioMicrobics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternative products, and stormwater treatments that provide unique solutions for decentralized homes, clustered subdivisions, small communities, and commercial properties around the world.

Site Conditions for BioMicrobics

Depending on the terrain at your homesite, conventional wastewater treatment systems may be difficult to install. An alternative septic system designer conducts the site and soil inspection and testing, prepares the system design and installation plan, supervises the septic system construction, and certifies that the system was installed as designed. Alternative onsite wastewater disposal systems can reduce the leach field size requirement substantially. For problem sites where space or soil conditions make it difficult to install a conventional leach field or where an existing septic system has failed, these designs are very important alternatives.

Alternative systems like BioMicrobics are solutions for:

  • Rocky Sites

  • Steep Building Sites

  • Limited Soil Percolation Rate

  • High Ground Water Level

BioMicrobics products for residential use include:

  • RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement: a simple upgrade to deliver high levels of treatment to enhance a conventional septic system or to renovate a biologically failed septic system. ETV-EPA verified.

  • RetroFITT®-ee Septic System Enhancement: an “energy-efficient” version of the RetroFAST® System.

  • MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems: provides advanced wastewater treatment options beyond those of the conventional septic system alternative. NSF/ANSI Standard 40/245 certified.

  • MicroFITT®-ee Wastewater Treatment Systems: an “energy-efficient” version of the MicroFAST® System.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

At Prime Plumbing LLC, we are committed to providing the highest quality services at reasonable prices. Our job is never finished until you are fully satisfied with the result. We’re locally owned and operated so we are more than a business: We are your neighbors. We can deliver any plumbing service you need for your home or business in the Nampa area.

Contact us today for your plumbing and septic needs by calling (208) 807-5485. We also have a convenient online form.
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