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Sewer Services

Sewer Line Inspections & Video Inspections

Before attempting to resolve any sewer system failures, it is absolutely crucial to be able to first identify just where the sewer line problem is located. In the past, plumbers would have to dig out entire sewage systems just to locate a small hole or leak. Not only was this an inefficient expenditure of time, but it was extremely costly to repair all the damage made from unnecessarily digging up large portions of the yard.

Thanks to today’s modern technology, our technicians use the most advanced tools and equipment to precisely identify the point where your sewer line is damaged. By using special high-resolution video cameras with powerful lights and self-righting systems, our plumbers can act with accuracy and precision.

Repairing Sewer Systems

When it comes to sewer repairs, our technicians are uniquely qualified to tackle a vast range of problems. Whatever situation you are dealing with, we’ve seen and dealt with it before!

Our trained professionals have a wide experience with dealing with many plumbing problems, including:
  • Corroded pipes, whose metal surfaces have deteriorated or weathered by mineral and chemical substances

  • Sewer obstructions, where foreign objects or continual build-up of muck and grease have blocked water flow throughout the sewer line

  • Burst pipes and sewer lines that have been punctured or broken from changing soil or freezing weather conditions

  • Bellied pipes, where a pipe portion has physically sunk on account of problematic ground conditions, making a large pit of waste

  • Pipes and pipe connections that leak due to broken or damaged seals, allowing water to seep out into the surrounding areas

  • Tangled tree and shrub roots that have overtaken the sewer system, clogging up the pipes or even cracking them

sewer line repair being made
Plumber at Work
plumber checking the sewer line

Sewer Services in Nampa

Caldwell’s Premier Plumbing Contractor

The term “sewer” is surprisingly one of the oldest words in the English language. In the early 1400s, ancient Medieval texts contain the Anglo-Norman phrase “sewere,” meaning “water-course” or “conduit,” which shows us that the systems for carrying out waste through pipes were just as important as they are today. Running silently in a massive maze beneath our feet, the invisible sewer system is actually one of the most crucial parts of our homes.

Because we are so reliant on sewers to carry away waste and unclean water, signs of sewage failure cause us immediate concern. Thankfully, you should never feel this stress if you are searching for sewer services in Nampa. Our skillful technicians at Prime Plumbing LLC are standing ready for any emergency sewer service you might require.

Installing & Replacing Sewer Systems

In many cases, our skilled technicians can isolate the primary problem of your sewer lines and then repair them. However, on certain occasions, an old, worn sewage line may simply need to be replaced with a fresh line. You also may be looking to install a new line extension to connect to an additional room, annex, or other extension of your house. In either scenario, we can build on new or adjoining sewer systems to fit your needs.

Flexible & Fast

If you are looking for sewer services in Nampa, our skilled technicians at Prime Plumbing LLC are ready to answer your call. Our vast experience allows us to rapidly assess your sewage problem and adapt a solution to fit your individual needs.

plumbers inspecting the sewers
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