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Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner Services in Nampa

Keeping Your Family Healthy & Happy in Caldwell

Are you weary of dealing with hard water stains on your plumbing fixtures? Our expert plumbers can help you apply the right type of water conditioning treatments to reduce your mineral buildup problems. After conducting a professional analysis of your home or business’s water supply, we will deliver a customized treatment plan that suits your unique needs and budget.

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The Benefits of Water Conditioners

Water conditioners are a popular alternative to water softeners for overcoming some of the challenges of hard water. Instead of removing minerals from the water, as a water softener does, a water conditioner alters the structure of the minerals. This change prevents those minerals from forming scale in your pipes, on your fixtures, and anything else your water touches.

A water conditioning system offers several advantages, including:
  • It reduces staining and scaling in your pipes and plumbing fixtures

  • It makes cleaning showers and plumbing appliances easier

  • It protects water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines from mineral buildup

  • It costs less to install than a water softener

  • It requires less maintenance than a water softening system

  • It produces no discharge and requires no electricity

  • It reduces heating costs by maximizing the efficiency of water heating appliances

  • It doesn’t cause skin to feel slimy and slick as softeners tend to do

  • It doesn’t require 50lbs of salt to be installed regularly

  • It doesn’t waste water to backwash out accumulated minerals

Which Water Conditioner Is Right for You?

There are several types of water conditioning systems available, that are all designed to do the essentially the same thing – change the chemistry of the minerals to prevent lime-scale buildup in pipes, plumbing fixtures, and water heating appliance

The most common types of water conditioners include:
  • Magnetic water conditioners: Rely on magnetic fields to change the structure of minerals to inhibit scale formation

  • Electrolytic water conditioners: Installed directly into a piping system, metal ions are used to disrupt positively charged minerals, so they do not clump together to form scale

  • Electronic water conditioners: Use an electric field to alter the characteristics of scale producing minerals

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​​Choosing the right solution for your home or business’s hard water issues is an important decision. Rely on our expert plumbers to help you understand your options and make the best choice. We will make sure that your new water conditioner is expertly installed and set up for maximum performance.
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Let’s Get Your Water in Good Shape

At Prime Plumbing LLC, our water treatment specialists offer the latest, most cost-effective water conditioning systems for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you would like to improve the quality of your water with a highly effective water conditioner or water softener, we promise to deliver the highest quality solution and workmanship.

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