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Plumbing Fixture

Nampa Plumbing Fixture Services

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To-do lists: we all have them. Whether our list is to read a hundred books in a year, sign up for that new gym membership, or finally develop the thousands of pictures stored on our phones, we all have those things that we really want to accomplish, but just never seem to get done. Unfortunately, the task of “repairing fixtures” often seems to make this list. While a broken pipe requires immediate attention, a leaky faucet or a dripping shower head often gets put on the back burner because they just don’t seem to need immediate attention.


The trouble is that even though malfunctioning fixtures seem like minor annoyances, in reality, they often end up wasting a lot more energy and money in the long run. Fixtures should make your “to-do” list, but they need to be on the front page of tasks that deserve immediate attention, or else they can actually develop into far more costly problems. If you are looking for fixture services in Nampa, our specialists at Prime Plumbing LLC can help you cross off your list so you can actually have time to accomplish your other goals.

Working sink and fixtures
Plumber at Work

Repairs for Your Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are the attachments to any appliance that emits water, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from shower heads to sinks to faucets to flushers. Because of the amount of use plumbing fixtures receive on a daily basis, it is no wonder that these parts of your appliances are always the first to go due to wear and tear. Fortunately, there are several signals that your fixtures are failing, which will alert you to contact one of our plumbers before your entire water system gives out.

fixture after installation

Fixture Installations

Usually, our expert plumbers can figure out the most cost-effective option for repairing your current fixtures. However, on occasion, a fixture may be too damaged or old to even be repaired. In this scenario, the old fixture must be completely replaced by a brand-new fixture that will rid you of any leakage problems.

In addition to installing fixtures as replacements, our skillful plumbers can also add state-of-the-art fixtures when you are seeking to renovate or remodel your house. These fixtures will be made to precisely match with the most contemporary style you desire.

The most important signs to look out for in faulty fixtures include:
  • Dripping or running faucets or shower heads that emit water when not in use

  • Pools of collected water around the sink, toilet, or bathtub

  • Clogged drains, or drains where water comes back up

  • Dirty or rust-colored water

  • Water that is cloudy with mineral deposits or other particles

  • Damp spots or places growing mold or algae

  • Decreased access to hot water or sudden changes in temperature while washing

Saving Your Wallet

While it may seem like fixtures seem small and insignificant in contrast with larger appliances in your home, they can cause long-lasting problems if you don’t take care of them right away. Even just a single leaking faucet that emits a drop of water every 4 seconds could contribute to wasting over 450 gallons of water per year – that means higher water bills! You will need our Nampa fixture experts to get the job done quickly to avoid such high amounts of waste.

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