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Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Repair Service in Nampa

Expert Technicians to Keep Your System Moving

When you encounter a plumbing problem that can’t be handled with a plunger, call the professionals at Prime Plumbing LLC. We can resolve indoor and underground plumbing issues with ease. Our team will take care of major problems like gas leaks and sewer line breaks quickly to protect your home and family. Our Nampa residential plumbing repairs include camera and whole-home inspections. We’ll examine your pipes and repair or replace them as needed. We’ll also maintain your drain and supply lines to prevent them from flooding.

plumber repairing a sink
Plumber at Work
plumber repairing a drain

Act Quickly to Address Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues can take a devastating toll on your property if not dealt with soon.

Reach out to us for plumbing repairs immediately if you notice things like:
  • Your toilet is overflowing and a plunger isn't helping

  • Your gas line or pipes have sprung a leak

  • You see wet spots in your yard or smell foul odors

  • Your water heater is producing cold, muddy, or rust-colored water

  • Your pipes have exploded due to freezing and expanding

  • Your faucets, septic system or water softeners are leaking

When there are problems in your plumbing system, the resulting damage can be costly and complicated to fix if left untreated. Water damage can be insidious, causing structural instability and encouraging mold growth, and replacing pipes is often a much bigger task than performing the needed repairs earlier.

Turn to the Repair Experts

Our team of skilled Nampa plumbing repair technicians have everything you need to diagnose the problem and find a lasting solution. No matter how large or small the project may be, we are always here to help!

toilet being repaired
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