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Leak Detection Nampa

Leak Detection Services in Nampa

Nampa Leak Repair in Caldwell & Surrounding Areas

Even the smallest leak can cause a massive amount of damage if not detected and dealt with quickly. If you suspect any kind of leak in your system, you may require quality leak detection services in Nampa. Thankfully, the knowledge of our technicians is well up to the task, and our experts at Prime Plumbing LLC have proven experience in rapidly detecting and repairing any kind of leak.

Methods of Water Leak Detection

One of the first steps involved in water leak detection is the process of verifying that a leak actually exists in the first place. Our plumbers can accomplish this by placing a pressure test on the system and noting where the water pressure increases or decreases. Next, our technicians pinpoint the leak’s exact location by using highly accurate line tracking technology to determine where a pipe is, along with its distinct path. If necessary, our technicians will also fill the pipe with additional air to precisely isolate the leak.

At this point, we can then operate equipment that amplifies the electric sound of the pipe. This advanced technology allows us to exactly track the pipe leak, pinpointing the spot where the loudest reverberation is being echoed at the leaking location. Once the leak has been located and isolated, our technicians can then decide on the best plan of action to repair the crack or hole in the pipe.

Advantages of Leak Detection

There are several benefits of using leak detection rather than traditional digging methods, including:

Traditional plumbers have customarily used the “digging system,” which essentially involves digging through your entire yard or tearing down large sections of walls just to find a minor leak. This has about the same effect of amputating your entire leg just to mend a sprained toe – what begins as a minor problem results in major, costly consequences.

5 Signs You Need Leak Repair

Immediate Emergency Aid

If you require leak detection services in Nampa, the chances are you need repairs immediately. The question is how to accomplish this – most leaks do not manifest themselves as obvious holes in the middle of a dam! Thankfully, however, our qualified technicians at Prime Plumbing LLC

can provide same-day visits to save the day.

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