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Washing Your Plumbing Issues Down the Drain

Have you ever looked into your sink and been dismayed to find a pool of dirty water rising slowly from the drain? We rely on our sinks to get rid of wastewater, so if it is all coming back up, this tells us there is a major problem. A clogged drain is not just a nuisance, but also often indicates that there are much deeper issues hiding beneath the surface.

If you are noticing signs that your pipes have been obstructed, you will need to immediately get in touch with Nampa drain cleaning services so our team of expert plumbers can take a look at your drains. Whether cleaning the pipes for your master bathroom or unclogging the drain connected to your kitchen sink, no job is too big for Prime Plumbing LLC.

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Noticing the Symptoms of a Drain Clog

While people may be familiar with a few signs that their drain may be in need of cleaning, there are actually several distinct indicators that your drain is in trouble. The sooner you can identify these warning signs, the sooner you can contact our professional plumbers before you have an extreme mess on your hands.

There are several common indicators of obstructed pipes, including:

  • Water creeping back up
  • Increasingly slow drainage in the pipes
  • Unpleasant rotting or sulfuric smells, like eggs that have gone bad
  • Unusual sounds, including groaning, creaking, hissing, or gurgling
  • Grease collecting in the sink that refuses to go down
  • Deposits of minerals or dirt floating in the water
  • Water is turning discolored or looks brownish-red like rust

If you notice one or more of these signs, it is very likely that you have a blocked drain. Do not panic, however, because our trustworthy technicians have several types of services to completely resolve your drain issues.

Types of Drain Cleaning Services We Offer

In order to make sure that all the pipes and drains in your home are completely covered, we offer a large number of drain services.

Some of our most popular cleaning services include:

  • Hydrojetting: This unique, contemporary type of drain cleaning is both effective as well as helpful for the environment. Through the use of water pressure, our experts can powerfully break through any obstructions or masses blocking your pipes. This system blasts water at around 4,000 PSI through your pipes, and the extreme force eradicates any clogs from roots, waste, mineral deposits, and much more. Hydrojetting is actually very safe for pipes, and one of the most thorough ways to clean drains, since it entirely removes all obstructive residue in addition to larger blockages.

  • Main rodding of sewers: Another key way to clear drains is by using a sewer rod. This involves screwing many flexible but strong rods together, and then guiding them into the drain. Main rodding is very helpful for both larger mainline pipes as well as smaller, narrower pipes in bathrooms.

  • Rooter cable: This cleaning method is particularly useful for smaller pipes with clogs that have a minor obstruction. A thin, firm cable is poked down into the pipe force out any foreign substance, especially collected food or hair, or matter that is otherwise organic.

Professional Practice at Prime Plumbing LLC

It may be tempting to try to clean your drains on your own, but from countless experiences, we know that customers’ attempts usually make the situation worse. You will need expert drain cleaning services in Nampa to really get the job done. Have our professionals from Prime Plumbing LLC clean your drains right from the beginning.

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