6 Ways to Makeover an Outdated Bathroom

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Old Bathroom

What’s more refreshing than a hot bath or a steaming, hot shower? A new bathroom makeover to enjoy it in! These days, finding joy in the small things like a newly renovated space is important, and your home’s bathroom may be where you go to unwind after a long day.

Here are some ideas you can benefit from if you want to take your bathroom to the next level with updates or a complete renovation.

1. Change the Fixtures

A very subtle yet noticeable upgrade you can make to your bathroom is switching your old fixtures for newer ones. Fixtures aren’t always expensive and are an easy and quick way to boost your bathroom’s appearance.

We suggest looking at different styles, colors, and types of fixtures that fit the look you’re trying to achieve. Solid colors like black or white go perfectly with a modern look. Other materials and colors like bronze or gold will give your bathroom a more classic and elegant feel.

2. Upgrade Your Toilet

Most people don’t consider this, but upgrading your toilet can really enhance the look of your bathroom. Steer clear of older-looking toilet styles, like ones with rounded toilet seats, and go for an oval and elongated-shaped seat.

If you’re looking for something modern, have your plumber install a toilet with a button to flush instead of a handle. You should also consider installing a seat that can easily be lifted off for easier cleaning.

Another good idea for your toilet is to install a low-flow flushing toilet. This will help save water, and water won’t splash everywhere when you flush. Sounds like a win-win to us!

3. Design Around Water Pipes

Are you tired of those ugly pipes in your bathroom sticking out like a sore thumb? Prime Plumbing has just the solution! If you want to take the easy route, we suggest decorating around the pipes. You can do things like add shelving that covers the pipes for an organized look or even decorate them using a safe material like rope for a rustic look.

Or, if you’re tired of the exposed pipes in your bathroom altogether, you can simply call a local plumbing company to help you redesign your bathroom and cover the pipes!

4. Replace the Shower Head

Changing your shower head will not only give your bathroom an upgrade, but it will also upgrade your shower experience. An adjustable shower head for increased or decreased water pressure gives you control over how comfortable your shower is.

Usually, you don’t need a professional to replace a shower head because most are easily attachable and detachable. However, if you feel you need a complete renovation of your shower to add more than one showerhead and add functionality, we suggest calling in a plumber!

5. Upgrade the Tub

Most tubs are attached to walls these days, and sometimes they’re too small to actually enjoy and soak in a bath. Upgrade your old tub and replace it with a new one, or simply repaint the one you have!

A fresh coat of paint can definitely make a difference in your bathroom’s overall appearance, as most tubs are the focal point of the room. Or, if you’re just not feeling your tub, you can completely remove it and replace it with a new, more relaxing soaking tub!

Replacing your tub will require plumbing, and that can easily be done with help from a plumber. You don’t want to risk accidentally bursting a pipe by doing it yourself, so we suggest always consulting with an experienced plumber beforehand.

6. Consult With Prime Plumbing for Bathroom Renovations

Our team at Prime Plumbing has experience with piping, repiping, changing fixtures, installing new plumbing, and more! We can help make your dream bathroom a reality with a number of our services. Find the right service for you and give us a call at (208) 209-7848 to schedule a consultation for your project!