Plumbing Remodel Tips

Planning Your Plumbing Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms is a big deal and an exciting new venture to take on! But before you begin knocking down walls, or removing cabinetry to make room for your new upgrades, you should do a little research first.

Home improvement projects are costly and without guidance, can sometimes quickly turn your dream house into a nightmare. Prime Plumbing wants to help you avoid unnecessary issues that can potentially come up while renovating your home’s plumbing.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and dive into your dream renovation project, we have some tips to help! Keep these tips in mind as you research for your plumbing remodel:

Plan Updates That Don’t Require Construction

Updating your home’s plumbing doesn’t always mean you have to knock down a wall in order to make a great improvement. There are upgrades you can make in your kitchen and bathroom that can simply be done by replacing old faucets in your sinks, shower, or tub.

Many home improvement stores have top-of-the-line fixtures that you can easily install yourself. If you want to install a fixture from a major manufacturer, stores offer trim kits that come in a variety of styles, so you’re not limited on what you can choose in person.

For bigger jobs, or if you don’t have any experience, we suggest contacting your local plumbing company to assist you. Plumbing contractors usually offer services like fixture installation so that the fixtures can be installed seamlessly.

Research and Interview Contractors

If you’re planning on knocking down a wall or two to make your kitchen or bathroom bigger, or maybe you want to add an island or replace your bathtub, then we suggest calling in a contractor. A construction contractor can help you plan the remodel, and a plumbing contractor can help you plan the plumbing remodel.

A professional plumber will advise you during the planning phase. Most construction companies don’t have a plumber on staff, so you’re able to select your plumbing contractor and find the best fit for your project.

Replace Valves

If you plan on making it a full renovation project, you may decide to replace cabinets, faucets, and toilets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Sometimes homeowners don’t consider shut-off valves located under the sink and behind the toilet.


Shutoff valves are what allow you to turn off the water for the whole home, and some allow you to turn off valves under sinks. In some cases, valves can be cheaply made and have rubber parts that wear and break over time. When you begin renovations, check to make sure your valves are in good shape, and if not, replace them with newer valves.

Locate Walls With Access to Plumbing

If you’re taking on a big renovation project that involves tearing down walls, we highly recommend that you locate walls that already have access to plumbing. For bathroom and kitchen renovations, this is extremely important because you can avoid accidentally damaging your home’s entire plumbing system.

If you don’t know how to locate walls with access to plumbing, that’s okay, a professional plumbing can locate them for you. A plumber will also let you know if you need to install new plumbing for your new space or if you can keep the current plumbing in the existing area.

Let Prime Plumbing Do the Work for You!

Home renovations are no easy task, especially if you’re planning to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. Hiring a qualified plumber will help you save on unnecessary costs, get your project completed properly, and help you achieve the results you want! Our team at Prime Plumbing is here to help with your home remodeling project!

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