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Why Your Household Needs a Water Softener

Your Solution to Hard Water

Most of us go through our daily activities of showering, washing the dishes, and doing laundry without a second thought about the water that is coming out of our plumbing. When the water is running and everything seems in order, why think about it?

But did you know that the water in your home could be classified as “hard”? Hard water refers to water that has a higher than normal amount of calcium and magnesium, and these minerals have the power to affect your entire plumbing system.

Read on to learn about the effects of hard water on your plumbing and body, and why a water softener will be your favorite purchase of the year!

Hard Water and Your Home

The effects of hard water extend to all corners of your home. In short, hard water can cause:

  • Bitter tasting water
  • Faded laundry
  • Frequent plumbing breakdowns
  • Stained appliances
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Scale buildup

Water Softener Benefits

Drinking Water

Right off the bat, you can breathe easy because simply drinking hard water will not hurt your family. You may not be too pleased with the taste, however. The high concentration of minerals can cause the water to taste ever so slightly bitter and salty and can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

A water softener will remove the excess minerals from your water, leaving you with a crisp and clean tasting glass of water. You’ll likely notice a difference in the food you make and the taste of your morning coffee!

Better Laundry Days

Hard water will strip the color from your laundry during washing cycles faster than softener treated water will. That means your favorite red dress could be pink by New Year’s! Additionally, the minerals can leave your clothing and bedding feeling rougher to the touch. A water softener is sure to leave your clothes bright, colorful, and soft.

Cared For Plumbing and Appliances

Over time, hard water will leave behind mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures like the shower head or faucets. These deposits can also form within steel pipes, where they build up and can cause clogs or corrosion.

Excess mineral deposits will also begin showing up on or in your coffee machine, mixers, and dishwasher, leaving dishes spotty and unclean.

A water softener is sure to rid your pipes of the fear of frequent breakdowns and repairs, saving you money down the road!

Healthier Bodies

While hard water may be safe to drink, there are other parts of your body that could be affected by the minerals. Your hair is likely to begin developing build-up that causes it to feel dry and unhealthy. The same goes for your skin. This is because the excess minerals are not allowing the water to nourish your body the way it should be.

Bring the shine back to your hair and the bounce back to your skin by installing a water softener and completely transform the bathroom. Bonus: with cleaner water, you’ll use less shampoo and soap to get the job done!

How Do They Work?

A water softener safely removes the calcium and magnesium from your water using a natural chemical reaction. Without getting too scientific, essentially the sodium in the water softening tank acts as a magnet to lift the unwanted minerals from the water, leaving it pure and clean!

Water Softener Installation in Nampa, ID

If you’re ready to get your water tasting and feeling fresher than ever, it’s time to install a water softener in your home! Give Prime Plumbing a call at (208) 209-7848 to begin the journey to cleaner water with us today!