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Is Hard Water a Problem and How Can You Stop It?

Hard water is a widespread phenomenon that affects most Americans. According to a study conducted by the National Water-Quality Assessment Project, hard water of over 180 mg is found all across the country and is extremely common here in Idaho. A follow-up study also showed that there was an increase in one of the main wells they looked at in Idaho in the years after the initial study. So, hard water is something that is really big in our neck of the woods and that you should know about so your plumbing can function most effectively.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is simply water that contains high levels of mineral deposits. Anything from calcium to magnesium is commonly found in the water we all get from the tap. If the water in your home has a bit of cloudiness to it, especially before it settles into stillness, you likely have an issue with hard water.

Why Is It So Widespread?

While the U.S has a very advanced public water system, it does come up short when it comes to water hardness. We’ve already spoken to how common it is in Idaho and around the country, but why is that? There isn’t much we can do about it. It all goes back thousands of years to the geological history of North America. The continent is covered with limescale deposits from the ancient seas that use to cover it. When compared to other countries the United States is near the top of the list of hardest water because of this history.

Should I Be Worried About Hard Water?

As far as your health is concerned, hard water is perfectly safe to drink. It can impact taste for some people, but it won’t cause issues for your diet and nutrition. However, it has some downsides for your other uses of water like washing clothes and bathing. For those uses, it can dry out your skin and clothing because of those extra mineral deposits. For your dishwashing, you may also notice unsightly buildup that can keep your dishware from looking pristine.

Dry skin can cause a variety of problems from just general irritation to making you more susceptible to other skin issues. For your clothing, you may notice colors start to fade, and for the material to be as soft on your skin. You may end up having to replace your clothing more often than you otherwise would have.

What Can You Do About Hard Water?

So while hard water isn’t something that you’re required to fix to have healthy water, it can be a huge boon in a variety of ways. If you want to do something about it, the best way is to get a special type of water filtration system called a water softener. These systems utilize magnetic filters and chemical reactions to lift mineral deposits out of the water leaving behind only pure, clean water. These systems can impact your entire home’s water supply and allow you to get all the benefits of soft water across all of your plumbing appliances.

Other water filtration systems have much more limited scope, often being deployed only under the sink. A whole-home water softener will be able to improve your entire home’s plumbing system in one fell swoop.

If you’re interested in installing a water filtration or softening system, we’d love to help. Just contact us at Prime Plumbing at (208) 209-7848 or fill out a simple online contact form! Soft, pure water could be yours sooner than you think!