Water Filter

Your Guide to Water Filtration

The great thing about what we do as a company is that we can empower our customers in their own homes. You have the opportunity to invest in yourself, your family, and your home through some of the services we provide. One of our favorite ways to do that is through water filtration.

We rely on municipal infrastructure to delivery us clean and safe drinking water. For the most part, the United States does a great job of this. Throughout the country, you can generally expect tap water to be good enough to drink and not cause problems for you.

The frustrating thing for many homeowners is that there is ultimately a lack of control in the process. You don’t want to end up finding out from a government official that the water you rely on every single day is contaminated with something that could be damaging to the health of you and your family. This is where water filtration systems come into play. With these, you are gaining some peace of mind that your water is definitely safe and healthy. Additionally, even if you trust your local water supply, you can lower water contaminants much lower than government levels. Additionally, water filtration can help with issues related to hardwater, which is safe to drink, but may cause other issues. We’ll explain some of the basic water filter options, so you have an idea of what might be best for you and your family.

Whole-Home and Under-The-Counter

Both of these options are great and have different strengths and weaknesses to them. These are essentially the two broad categories that make up home water filtration systems. Let’s start with whole-home.


A whole-home system covers just that, your entire home. With this, you can eliminate any hardwater problems you are having. That means brighter clothes after they go in the washer as well as fewer issues with dry skin. If you want to make a bigger change and help your entire home’s water supply a whole-home system is definitely the way to go.


With this system, you’re getting something much more concentrated. You’ll be able to target specific problem areas of your home and fix the water problems in that spot. There are a variety of options within this grouping. You can go with a simple two-stage system or a much more complex four-stage system. It really depends on if you have serious problems with your water currently, or whether you just want that little extra boost to help make your water that little bit more cleaner.

There are specifics that you can go over with your water filter installers, but that covers the basics of it. Obviously, whole-home systems have a higher up-front cost, but they also have more widespread impact because they start filtering water the second it comes into your home. That can cause a huge number of secondary benefits like a longer lifespan on clothing you wash at home. Little things like that can really add up!

On the other hand, a under-the-counter choice is going to be limited in scope, but can be really impactful as well. In this case, you are most likely targeting your go to drinking water. With a system like this, you can improve taste, color and health of the water you drink. They say the human body is 70% water, so why not replenish that with good healthy water. Whatever your decision, we hope we could help teach you just a little bit about water filtration and why it’s so important.

If your interested in installing a water filtration system, we’d love to help. Just contact us at Prime Plumbing at (208) 209-7848. Clean water is just a phone call away.